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Commercial Units

Triple Guarantee Program
  • $100,000 connected equipment warranty!
  • Lifetime System Warranty
  • 20% Energy Savings Guarantee*!

UtiliGuard® is a power quality system that:
  • Eliminates damaging surge activity
  • protects electrical equipment, including computers, electronics and HVAC
  • Reduces downtime and production losses
  • Lowers energy consumption (Guaranteed!)
  • Eliminates harmonic distortion
  • Provides power factor correction 
*Manufacturer guarantees and insures a 20% savings on your electric bill over two years.  The guarantee is issued to you and is underwritten by a third-party insurance company.

Commercial UtiliGuard® Units
  • SP240 120/240 VAC single phase
  • 240 Delta 120/240 VAC three phase delta
  • 208 WYE 120/208 VAC three phase WYE
  • 480 WYE 277/480 VAC three phase WYE 
Model Specifications, features and installation
Performance Specifications

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